Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Pictures of Ramsgate

Over the last few months I have published various pictures of Ramsgate to illustrate blog articles, what I didn’t do however was link them all together as this adds considerably to the publishing time, as each page has to have links to all the other pages.

I have now done this there is a considerable amount of clicking and scrolling to do to view them and I am afraid the only way to explanations about some of them is to work back through the blog postings.

Click here to look at them

My various websites are a bit if a muddle I am afraid to say, I have been publishing local pictures since 1998 10 years of publishing various pictures means that I no longer know what I have published, or even if all of them have links leading to them,

A while ago I started making up a new web page with links to them on so if you want even more of this sort of thing click here and scroll down the page until you come to the picture links to other sets of pictures.

If you comment on any of the pictures please add its web address so I can find it, to do this right click on the picture and click on properties where it is shown.

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Comments, since I started writing this blog in 2007 the way the internet works has changed a lot, comments and dialogue here were once viable in an open and anonymous sense. Now if you comment here I will only allow the comment if it seems to make sense and be related to what the post is about. I link the majority of my posts to the main local Facebook groups and to my Facebook account, “Michael Child” I guess the main Ramsgate Facebook group is We Love Ramsgate. For the most part the comments and dialogue related to the posts here goes on there. As for the rest of it, well this blog handles images better than Facebook, which is why I don’t post directly to my Facebook account, although if I take a lot of photos I am so lazy that I paste them directly from my camera card to my bookshop website and put a link on this blog.