Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ramsgate in the clockwork of the synagogue

Last time I visited the Montefiore Synagogue in Ramsgate I rather stupidly failed to find the works and the bells of the clock, so this time I was determined to photograph them.


  1. My first visit today, which was, brief to say the least.

    Its a pity that the Synagogue is hidden away, still worth a visit.

    Next time its open I'll check the opening times.

  2. Yes Tony it’s a shame that the synagogue isn’t open more often, I believe there have been some changes in the way the Montefiore trust is run with less local participation, it looks like the trust pay for a security firm to open it for the minimum time they can get away with. This really isn’t in what would appear to have been the spirit of Montefiore who was considerably involved with Ramsgate and Ramsgate people both Jew and gentile.


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