Monday, 19 October 2009

Manston History Museum visit.

With pretty much all of Thanet’s museums closed or under threat of closure it is becoming increasingly difficult to know where to take my children for an hour or so of history.

Yesterday I thought we would give the Manston History Museum a go, it is off season and they had no special event on so my expectations were not very high and I doubted it would amuse them for more than half an hour.

How wrong can one be entry is only £1 for adults and 50p for children and two hours wasn’t really enough time for it.

I took a few photographs, to give you some idea of the range of the collection click on the links to view them.

I would say the fact that we didn’t have time to visit the Spitfire and Hurricane memorial museum which has free entrance and is on the other side of the car park says it all really.


  1. This museum is just marvellous - I have written many times how we must never forget the young men who flew from here and Mitchell who designed the spitfire engine.

    Also to sit and have a cuppa or snack at the cafe and watch the comings and goings of the aircraft is just great.


  2. great if you happen to enjoy ageing freighters fly fruit in from a starving nation, not so great if you live underneath it and they wake your children up.

    The best thing about Manston? Its history, which the current private airport should be confined to.

  3. Folk need to know that the Spitfire and Hurricane Museum is the most vistited destination (apart from the beach) in Thanet

  4. Oh, and before people think that the import of food 'from a starving nation' is wrong, think about the hard currency that flows in return, I think its called 'Fairtrade'

  5. Exactly Ken, they would much more likely to be starving if it wasn't for us buying their produce.

  6. If it carries the logo Ken, I'm quite prepared to accept that the starving population benefit from the trade. It is precisely because a great deal of this trade is completely unfair and does not benefit the starving population that 'Fairtrade' was set up in the first place.

    Now, if the planes were to carry a Fairtrade logo (any logo would be a start) and only Fairtrade accredited goods you might have a point....otherwise your argument is just another unsubstantiated, weak justification for thoroughly unfair trade.

  7. Pete, automatically assuming the cash ends up with the needy is naive indeed.

  8. Ken a couple of thoughts here, you know with entrance being free and it being a museum, do you think that there could be a message here for the council about the other museums that are now closed?

    The other thing is it fair trade goods that are being flown in to Manston?

    I don’t know how other people feel, but I for one would be happy to put up with a bit more aircraft noise if it was helping free trade.

  9. JP, automatically assuming the cash doesn't end up with the needy is naive too.

    Michael, I agree totally (on both the museums & the Fair Trade).

  10. Ken, are you asserting that that goods arriving at Manston are 'Fairtrade'? Crikey, I'd be much happier putting up with a little noise if it was for a worthy cause such as you intimate. Why haven't you used this in your arguments before now?

  11. yvonne
    R.J.Mitchell designed the airframe,the engine was designed and produced by Rolls Royce

  12. 17.22 names like Sir Henry Royce, Sir Stanley Hooker, Miss Tilly Shilling, RJ Mitchell and Sydney Camm, come to mind.


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