Friday, 2 October 2009

Our Man in Panama

I have just had one of my regular communications from Clive Hart on one of the less successful resolutions of a problem at the council.

Obviously it’s a bit of a party political broadcast on the part of the Labour Party, however it looks once again as though all is not well at council.

Here it is in full with photograph:



Despite written assurance from TDC that Conservative Councillor Stephen Broadhurst would resign on 30th September it now appears that his resignation was not appropriately signed in person by him and that it may have been signed by someone on his behalf.
There appears to be serious communication problems between Cllr. Broadhurst in Panama and the council here in Thanet. It is now October 2nd and no notice of resignation has yet been posted at TDC.

Labour's Prospective Candidate for Dane Valley Ward - Sandra Hart said "this situation completely sums up the concerns of local residents who have been unable to contact their councillor for the past year or two. If TDC can't communicate properly with a councillor, how on earth can local residents? I do sincerely hope the Conservative councillor is not still receiving a financial allowance from the council".

It was total confusion at TDC offices on Friday morning, where last minute attempts to finalise matters before 30th September had clearly failed.

PICTURE ATTACHED - Sandra Hart waiting to start her campaign in Dane Valley.

Published by Cllr. John Watkins on behalf of Margate Branch of the Labour Party
44 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 2RW.


  1. Why can't they just fire him?

  2. 14.24 there you have a key question and I have one for you.
    No mater how bad some councillors are who would you give the power to sack an elected representative of the people?

    Our highly paid civil servants do everything they can to try to curb the power of our elected representatives, however in reality in a democracy it is those representatives that have the ultimate power should they ever chose to use it.

    As it is a monstrous system of committees and complex rules, most of which have no real standing in law, exists to prevent what in most cases would be the application of common sense implementation of the will of the people.

    In Thanet council I believe we have about 20 civil servants earning £1,000 per week or more, with a system that delays many important decisions for so long that the result has been commercial collapse.

    Walk down Margate High Street, what is obviously needed is decisive and concerted action very quickly indeed, the system is no longer able to cope with the problem.

    Perhaps the problem here is to find a way to weed out those who are in the system only for personal gain, that far outweighs anything beneficial they do for the community.

  3. Would it be cheaper if we used a system similar to the european Parliament system,If you resign or forced to resign etc the next candidate in that election with the most votes would take over( if willing and able), it would save thousands of pounds, it would be a sort of PR. if that failed then hold an election.

  4. Michael I couldn't agree with you more. Some kind of 'weed-killer' needs to be used, far too many of our councillors see their position as one that can be used to promote their own interests and have no real interest in their local communities' but who do the spraying?


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