Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lucian Freud exhibition opens today

This watercolour sketch of Lucian Freud didn’t work our as well as I had hoped, theoretically he has enough craggy features to get a reasonable likeness, this may sound a bit daft, but it seemed as if his ghost was peering over my shoulder, which rather messed it up.

Frankly I am only really interested in sketching people, so there is no point in putting most of what I sketch on the internet as no one much would recognise the people, however despite the apparent local interest in art engendered by the new Turner Contemporary gallery opening locally, I have my doubts as to whether many of my Thanet blog readers would recognise Lucien Freud, so I am not too worried about this being a good likeness.

I would guess that out of contemporary painters he has to be one of the most famous and if money is anything to go by one of the most expensive, his exhibition opens today at The National Portrait gallery.
Here is the pencil sketch before I added the paint, pencil sketches don’t seem to photograph well, however if you do this sort of thing I recommend taking apicture before you apply the paint.

Anyway no excuses here it’s my day off and I see little chance of getting to the exhibition.

Here is a video of the rather elusive Lucian Freud being interviewed which I watched while sketching him.

The first bit is when he was younger and the next bit more recent I think, sketching old men is something that I am on a bit of a learning curve with, it is all too easy to make them look like they have been exhumed.

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