Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday ramble a few pictures, you know type of thing.

I really ought to respond to the comment on the previous post, but don’t seem to be in the mood.

I did a bit of painting and drawing over the weekend and decided I wasn’t happy about the various tubes of green watercolour I had, I guess with spring coming on I ought to sort this one out. The trouble with paint is you can’t just go and try a bit before you buy a bit, with the cheapest being about £5 for a 5ml tube, it can be expensive. I usually mix my greens from blue and yellow, but yesterday I bought a tube of Hookers Green, which I have been playing with.   

The picture above has a pale green sky and a pale blue sea, to me on my computer screen the sea looks a sort of purpley blue and the sky a sort of grey green. Perhaps one needs to use special paints if one is going to take photographs of the pictures.

A few pictures on the camera card mostly from Saturday, see

Anyone got any idea what OZE means? In Ramsgate we have has a Mr Beano Café in the High Street and now one of the cafés in King Street has metamorphosised into an OZE Beano Café, any one know what this means? Is there a difference is it a chain , is this a sub chain, has it anything to do with Bash Street? 

I will ramble on about them as I get time

Excuse this just playing with my greens 


  1. I have found that, for acrylics, the little trial sets from "The Works" are pretty good. may be worth a try with the watercolour tubes. also be very careful of colours of monitors/ printers. Unless you have them colour calibrated they are not true to what you saw. Also they are transmitted light, your picture is reflected.
    Best wishes

  2. John I only do watercolour and pencil sketches as I don’t get much time and all the equipment has to fit in my pocket.

    Paint wise I am pretty fussy and buy artist’s quality paint in tubes which I squirt into the compartments of my paint box. Even if you buy the most expensive sets, over £50 for a small set of about 12 different colours, you wouldn’t get the expensive colours included.

    As an example of what I mean JWM Turner mainly used cobalt blue, rose madder and yellow ochre and lemon yellow. Yellow ochre and lemon yellow is cheap and comes in all the sets, rose madder and cobalt blue contain expensive pigments and so come in none of the sets. So no matter what set you bought, you really wouldn’t stand a chance of doing a Thanet Turner sky watercolour.

    Click on the link for more of an explanation

    I do use the Boldmere field sketch book the works sell, the £2.99 one with the elastic on it, very good value.

    John I realise you are not John


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