Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Pictures Ramsgate and a ramble

For those of you who either can’t get out or are too sensible to venture out in the snow, here are a few pictures of the snow in Ramsgate this morning. All the ones on the camera card here in low resolution
 I don’t think there are, haven’t seen any busses running today and other vehicles seem to be getting into difficulty, so I don’t recommend driving into Ramsgate at the moment. It is a case of once you have managed to drive down a hill you may not be able to drive back up it.
One for a bit of a laugh is this will tell you what google thinks you are, in terms of gender and age.

This thing also shows your interests and is used to send you appropriate advertising, it doesn’t change the amount of advertising you see online, just the content of the advertisements. 

If for instance you get ads for geek 2 geek “finally a dating site for geeks” you may wish to loosen up a bit as you surf the web as this advertising has been directed towards you because of the sites you have been visiting.    

I will endeavour to ramble on about this and that during the day, avoiding the words effected and affected, I am considering going on an adult literacy course to make up for missing my primary school education due to being disabled.    


  1. Call that snow - why when I lived in Canada.........

  2. Yes John, a light dusting... when it's banked 6 foot up against the house and you can either cut your way out of the front door or just flop out of a first floor window then you can call it snow.

  3. The Loop was running today but I hear cut out Broadstairs High Street and Ramsgate Harbour and was running a fair bit slower than schedule.

  4. Rob, I remember my first winter in Ottawa. The snow was coming and I had promised myself that I would bring in the garden furniture tomorrow morning. However, it snowed overnight and I did not see the garden furniture again until the thaw in April. One snowfall had completely buried the table and chairs.

    I remember one winter when we were getting daytime highs of minus 30C.

    Yet the days were mostly still, the air was dry with the sun shining in a clear blue sky. It was beautiful.

    The roads were always clear, the trains, buses and planes carried on as normal - nothing stopped. Gas and electricity were cheap, as was the winter clothing.

    I went out today wearing my Canadian parka. I did not really need it but it brought back happy memories.

  5. Looks like from your photographs that a new piece of modern art has been errected on the Royal Sands promanade. Is there a name for it and in years to come will it rival Moores sculptor park?

  6. Your picture of the piles for the new hotel/penthouses, could almost be mistaken for some sort of Gormley-esque art project - almost quite dramatic, in an industrial sense...


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