Monday, 6 February 2012

Ramsgate slipways development turned down by council.

The planning reference is F/TH/11/0874 you need to go to the uk planning website and put it into the search box if you want to view the council’s decision and report. 

I would think the underlying problem here is that a bar and restaurant complex on the site is always going to be more profitable to the leaseholder than a boat repair business.   

The problem for the council is I believe that the harbour - and it is important here it understand that the council derives a six figure income from the harbour - needs certain facilities to operate, the slipways being one of these facilities. Rather in the same way that the harbour needs an entrance to the sea to operate. Of course it would be much easier to run if it had no entrance to the sea, there would be no dredging problem, no problems with vessels and so on.    


  1. The developer would do better to take on the Eagle Cafe.

    Ben Kelly

  2. Good idea - but where would all the managers live?

  3. what a shame about the slipways it would have been good for ramsgate

  4. The slipways are good for Ramsgate as slipways! There is demand and a well-managed company could make a worthwhile profit from them. Read the London array comments on the application.

  5. The latest application had to be refused because not all of the necessary consultation could take place within the prescribed time limits. The development as proposed only covered slipways 2 and 4 which have been completely out of use for more than four years and are not fit for purpose.

    As for all the slipways being
    'essential' to the Harbour this is simply not the case. Slipways 1 and 3 will remain but those critics who do not do their research would be well advised to think twice before offering up the wind-farm contractors as a raison d'etre for keeping all of the slipways since they are simply not using the facility enough to justify their existence. Contrary to popular belief there is no one waiting in the wings to snap up the Slipways and run them as a going concern because it would be uneconomical.

    The proposed development allows for new offices and workshops for Slipway 1 and allows Slipway 3 to be used as and when necessary which incidentally has been around 14 days over the past year or so.

    A new application will be submitted once the final revisions to the Flood Risk Assessment have been agreed and English Heritage have met with the architects to finesse the design.

    The development has the potential to create 50 jobs which I would hazard is more than the proposed Night Flights at Manston will generate in the short term.

    Finally, has anyone actually stood outside the Custom House and looked across to the slipways? They are a bloody eyesore, created in a hurry from inappropriate materials during wartime. Slipways 2, 3 and 4 were only supposed to last 10 or 15 years so it is no surprise they are in such a terrible state.

    Finally, to answer some scaremongers around the Town. The development is designed to create an alternative to the 'Nightclub' culture which has developed on the harbourfront. Friday and Saturday evenings are almost a no-go time for families and this development will hopefully be anchored by a National restaurant chain which will complement the existing high quality offerings in Ramsgate and if you broaden the choice it brings more people in to the area to spend their money.

    It is a sad fact that nearly all of the people I meet who are against nearly all development in Ramsgate seem to have no vested interest in earning a living here. We need to create NEW things in the town to keep it going for our kids.....

  6. well said ramsgate fan we cannot live in the past forever

  7. Clear and sensible comments from Ramsgate Fan. The whole area to seaward of the road needs sorting; museum (which must be reopened), casino (refurbish properly or demolish: at present it rivals Tesco Extra carpark as a junkies paradise) and car park.

  8. Lets hope tdc makes sure that the developer complies with the terms of his lease, and doesn't let the slipway fall into a state of disrepair.

  9. As if the slipways only fell into repair in the last couple of years... TDC has stood by and watched as the asset deteriorated (casino anyone?) for years and they were only too happy to entertain redevelopment plans when someone showed willing....

  10. If Ramsgate fan isnt the devoloper of the slipways he /she must be in that persons pocket

  11. There's always one isn't there....? why does everyone think in terms of 'Us & Them' wherever development is involved?

    I am not in anyone's pocket thank you very much but I have been engaged on the project from time to time and one of the things I have done is email several of the Wind Farm Contractors on more than one occasion and talk to prospective users and even a mooted potential purchaser of the slipways.

    Not many wind-farm vessels are interested in using the slipways for one reason or another (mainly technical or logistical) and those that have needed to use Slipway 3 have been paying for slippage only at a rate that doesn't even cover the rent, rates and insurance. The boat crews carry out nearly all of the maintenance meaning that there is no work for the local shipwrights.

    Slipway 2 & 4's business was (I am told) largely killed by the boat-hoist so they have been out of action for years. Very few pleasure craft use the slipways nowadays.

    The latest development plans leave slipways 1 and 3 operational which is the way it has been for going on five or six years now.

    All the anonymous nay-sayers here should really put their energy and talent into finding something to SUPPORT rather than simply waiting for people to put forward ideas that they then just complain about. Do you all really LOVE the slipways that much? They look awful from Pier Yard, a real blight on the landscape.

    The developer has said from the outset that if the wind-farm created a need he would gladly postpone development whilst the project was underway. All he asked was that it generated enough cash to pay the bills and generate a modest return on his investment so far.

    Why don't all you Anonymous respondents flex your obvious expertise in the field of Marine Engineering, form a company to exploit the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work that is apparently clamouring to get onto the slipways and get on with it yourselves? Go on, you obviously know better than anyone else!

    Constructive, helpful criticism with some semblance of financial understanding is always appreciated and indeed encouraged but can we just stop the 'sour-grape' tinged sniping which seems to be popular.

    Finally, if there is a project you WOULD like to see happen and you think it could be made to happen with a bit of energy and enthusiasm, please let me know!! I am above-all a fan of Ramsgate and want it to prosper. We should find as many subjects as possible to agree upon and then make things happen, not bitch at each other!


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