Tuesday 25 December 2012

Christmas Day Ramble.

My warm Christmas greetings to all the readers of this blog, Christmas in our household is progressing very pleasantly, Monopoly has been played without fatalities, Christmas Dinner has been eaten and no one actually exploded. Farther Christmas delivered and I was vaguely aware of the dulcet tones of young people discovering this at 3.30 am.

If anything unusual or noteworthy has happened in Thanet then I haven’t noticed.

On a national level the BBC have made what to me seems to be a huge blunder by allowing comments on The Queens Speech, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20839338 it certainly puts the off topic and spam comments here into proportion.

I have to admit to being a royalist, the alternative being, take your pick of the available senior politicians for head of state. I guess that the costs of royalty are adequately offset by tourist income.

I may ramble on here or total anaesthesia may occur 


  1. For a moment the picture seemed to be you rather than the old queen - have a merry Xmas and don't let King St fall apart around you.

    Complain often to TDC and Kent Police throuhg the New Year and see what happens.

  2. Merry Christmas to you Michael and your family.

    After much careful thought during my life I too am a constitutional Monarchist. I believe in our system.

    I understand that the cost of the Royal Family to UK tax payers is about fifty pence per head. A bargain I believe.

    I took an oath of allegiance to the Queen and subsequently received her Commission. In a strange way this made me feel secure from self serving politicians on the make.

    It is not the power that the Queen has which is important; it is the power that she denies to anyone else.

    As for the hard lefties - I have lived an worked in Marxist workers paradises that were under the dictatorship of the proletariat. They were foul, often evil.

    I would discuss my opinion with anyone interested who has the character to reveal their true name; but certainly not with any anonymice, or with anyone with 'Dog Turd' for a brain.

    1. Fair enough John, for myself I too don't think the Royals are very expensive. And they are essentially symbolic so almost irrelevant. A few too many though. But good for tourism and telegrams.

      France and America and Russia manage without them after shooting a few of them, much as we did a few times too.

      Your commission of course would be in their name (or rather the institution) but provided and approved by Parliament. The Queen doesn't have any power, that's the point. She's symbolic ie given to her by Parliament.

      Parliament has the power. Invested in it by the public. Hence now changing the order of succession.

      The Royals can be removed or brought back as we please, as in Spain - just look at the different UK Royal families over the years.

      Agree with your views on the hard left - and the same with the hard right. Which Marxist paradises out of interest? A Xmas quiz for you: pick the worst, Nazis or Commies.

      Enjoy Xmas.

    2. Anonymous,

      I did say that I supported a Constitutional Monarchy.

      Prague and Budapest in the seventies.

      There is little to choose between Hitler and Stalin, both were evil personified. Though Stalin did kill more people than Hitler. Not that that lessens Hitler's crimes.

    3. I sort of agree John: without a constitutional monarchy you end up with the same symbolism of Presidents/Vice presidents (10 years or life) etc. The only difference being they're not hereditary nor their family. And probably slightly less bowing and scraping and ermine.

      Czech and Hungary in the 1970's probably less repulsive than East Germany or Romania and Bulgaria but little in it.

      Kent following the similar pattern though: elderly and irrelevant leaders, stagnant economy, wasteful glory projects, pollution, State bloat?

      Add in Mao, and the Commies are probably slightly worse in killing off their own citizens?

    4. She's a nice old women


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