Thursday, 13 December 2012

House of Commons live animal export debate. Day off ramble & Co

 Mostly engaged in what we called shopping today, but frankly it isn’t what it was.

Now what was The Eagle Café and is now The Royal Harbour Brasserie, (watch out for auto correct here,) is open, meaning that popping in there for a cuppa includes free parking on the end of the pier and what with it being so parky that the camera in my mobile phone would have steamed up if I had walked up there. The pictures in the post are of Ramsgate from there today.
 Apart from one of today’s sketches from my sketchbook, I am considering making up something so I can paint with watercolour while standing around in shops wondering what to buy people for Christmas.
 In many cases, books, cds, torch, alarm clock, watch, notebook are included in their mobile phones now, it is no wonder we are selling a lot of local history books, that are still only available on paper, this year.

I overheard my children discussing the way their school raises money, they make cakes and pay 20p each to go to school in their own clothes. They give their teachers the 20ps, which the teachers spend on the cakes, which they eat. It reminded me of some of the conspiracy theories that appear in the comments here.  
 Here is today’s House of Commons live animal export debate

drag the slider along to 12.13.00 or thereabouts, let me know if this doesn’t work and I will try to sort it out. 
 As most of you know I will probably ramble on here later.

This embedding of videos into blogs just isn’t as straightforward as you would expect, yesterday I embedded the Thanet District Council meeting video into this blog and the press releases blog. It works fine using Google Chrome browser, Firefox and on my Android mobile, but it won’t work on the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Now this House of Commons one, works fine on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, but won’t work on my Android mobile phone. So feedback would be useful if readers want things to work properly on this blog.
There was an article in yesterdays Guardian saying that the government are tightening up on live animal export controls, see  

Here is the Defra release if anyone wants to read it from the horse’s mouth

Here is the info on the Environment UK

On to Richborough tip and the internet, Will Scobie is tweeting away at the moment from the meeting about this, see

Clive Hart has just put up the letter he sent to KCC about this on Facebook see

My point here is that councillors are beginning to get to grips with using social networking on the internet.

From last weeks council meeting, the bit about this is at the end of the video, most of which is a bit like watching paint dry, it looks as though we may soon be getting tweets directly from council meetings.

I guess that the first stages of the council getting to grips with the use of technology in meetings has to develop eventually into them realising that people including the public don’t actually need to attend the meetings in person to take part in them.

I wonder if in a few years time local or even national government will have websites with “vote for it now” buttons on them, perhaps politicians will become redundant, like shopkeepers as we all engage directly online.  


  1. Seeing your photos of the harbour reminds me that the Euroferrie's Austal 270 is due to arrive in a few weeks in january for service starting in february. Is there any news about this? I wonder how it will fit in with the animal exports?

  2. havent been inn the end of the peir for years can I get in with the wheelchair I wont get out there on crutches any longer.

    1. Don I would say absolutely not, it’s on the first floor up external concrete steps, I guess it’s sit outside in the car and enjoy the parking space with one of the best views there is. Perhaps someone will take pity on you and bring you one of their bacon sarnies.

  3. The Hansard record for the animal exports debate can be found at:


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