Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New TDC administrations and Social Media, Tomorrow's TDC Planning Meeting, a quick sketch of the PAV and a reminder about Friday's PAV consultation.

Another quick sketch of The Royal Victoria Pavilion during lunch at Candy's, I don’t know if anyone else has tried, but I find this a very difficult building to draw convincingly.

I hope eventually to be able to produce a very lose pen sketch of the building that actually works.

There is still very little coming from the new administration in terms of social media, I do hope they will get their act together soon and engage with their voters on the web more.

Tomorrow's council planning meeting http://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=115&MId=4008 has two big ones.

Before going on here I should point out that you can't link to or bookmark stuff on the council's planning website, but have to go to the site and put in the application reference, here is the link to the site http://www.ukplanning.com/thanet


This is the one at the end of the runway at Manston for 785 dwellings, part of it is on top where the runway lights were and I am surprised there isn't more fuss on the various airport sites.

Here is the link to the meeting document http://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/documents/s46688/D04.pdf recommendation is to send it back to the planning officer to write a 106 agreement before it's approved.


This is for 120 dwellings on the Europlast site, which seems to be recommendation to approve, here is the link to the meeting document http://democracy.thanet.gov.uk/documents/s46695/D11.pdf

Next the PAV, Royal Victoria Pavilion, I am just reminding people that there will be a public consultation drop in session at The Royal Temple Yacht Club on Friday.


  1. Michael

    I was surprised at the lack of comment regarding the 785 houses at the Ramsgate end of the runway too, it does look like something that would kill the hopes of re-opening the airport stone dead.

    I seem to recall that this area was designated for housing in the draft local plan...

  2. The lack of comment about the housing is surprising, until you speak to people who would have to play a role in reopening the airport. Virtually everyone I speak to in private tells me that it won't/can't reopen and that the politicians are continuing to play politics with it long after the election. If you don't think it's really going to reopen you aren't going to bother objecting when a load of houses get built in the area where the safety zone would be. One thing is for certain. Once planning permission is given for those houses, the airport's never coming back.

  3. So a new name for Manston Airport - Stone Hill Park. Not entirely sure of the antecedents of the name, any ideas Michael?

    Looks like of site owners are offering a carrot and stick approach to TDC, but I would guess that a development of this scale and type on a brownfield site would eventually get the ok from central government even if TDC initially say no.

    Does 2500 homes on the airport site mean 2500 houses are not needed on greenbelt land...

    Presumably in the short term the focus will be on the change of use applications for the existing buildings at Manston Airport/Stone Hill Park.

    Still no sign of the PWC report, perhaps the DfT are sitting on it until it's only of academic interest..


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