Sunday, 28 June 2015

Drawing Canterbury with a pen and book buying for my bookshop in Ramsgate and a ramble.

This drawing is of Rose Square in Canterbury in the Whitefriars shopping centre from the seating outside the M&S café £1.80 for a pot of tea, the most expensive part of the picture.

And this one from the garden outside St Thomas’s Roman Catholic Church, which I didn’t get a chance to finish, but wasn’t going that well anyway.

Here are the photos for any art critics the second picture needed two photos as I was too close and didn’t have the wide angle lens attachment for my phone

Pigeon chick in Canterbury expand picture to view

The last baker in Canterbury town centre has closed, an ominous sign of the times

I have been having a bit of a go at other social media, I turned my FaceBook notifications on and tried commenting on a few of the popular local facebook groups lat week, which in tern meant other members of the groups put links on the facebook posts to this blog. it can be a bit shoot the messenger out there and you need a fairly thick skin if you get involved in any debate, but the thing I found most interesting was how few people seem to be reading the posts. On a day like yesterday when this blog got about a thousand page views, which is about normal, I was having a hot debate on the local facebook group with the most members SMA, well I normally get about 30 page views that come from facebook anyway, but with several links coming from that group my webstats for the day only rose to about 80.   

What this boils down to is, lots of people going to the trouble of writing stuff there and hardly anyone reading it, although it looks as though there is a lot going on, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere you can access the web statistics to see how many page views and where those views are coming from.

I think this is most of the books I bought for my bookshop in Ramsgate today

As far as the pen sketches go, the main cost for me is the a seat that is comfortable enough to sit on for about an hour, which is about how long it takes to complete an A4 pen sketch, this usually involves buying a cup of tea

   and the equipment for 48 sketches a £3 pad form The Works and a £2 pen from the internet, if you fancy having a go it is imperative that you get the right pen and pad, so look carefully before spending your fiver. You can do it with a more expensive pad, not so sure about the pen.

More later perhaps.      


  1. I did see your comments Michael, and how they were received on the SMA fb page, its now been removed. I wonder if the group, who are renowned for being negative to anybody that dare mention something factual that might hinder their progress, didn't want the real facts of their position to be known?
    Another thing that has always dumbfounded me, is why a group, that is trying to portray vast numbers, would disable their post counters? very puzzling, you would think Cllrs would want to see "seen by 9000+" so they would know there was a local demand for a CPO that would certainly bankrupt our council.
    Or maybe they (SMA) are trying to cheat our politicians by faking their real membership by, false accounts or by inviting all their fb friends, even if they don't accept, they still show as members? If our council wants to base their decision on the real number of Thanetarians who would want to see a failed airport return then why not commission a referendum?

  2. Om, it's still there and not deleted I just checked, Facebook is very difficult to navigate in terms of old posts, so I think you are doing them a bit of an injustice. Difficult though with so many members to control the situation, I thought most of the comment was constructive and was surprised that so few people seemed to be reading the posts there. With Facebook I am a bit of a new boy so still learning the ropes but I can't find out how many people are reading my page, so if you know how to do this please let me know.

  3. Michael, most fb sites have view counters at the bottom right of the post before the comments begin, showing how many people have seen it or could have seen it, but on SMA this has been disabled. Sorry that I have done an injustice to the SMA group by saying they had removed the post when they hadn't but I will say they have removed 100's of posts before because they didn't conform to their fairy tale way of thinking


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