Friday, 19 June 2015

What's on this weekend in Thanet

I guess the main event has to be the reopening of Dreamland, years ago in 1970s I worked as an engineer on the dreamland site, mostly repairing arcade games.

The arcades (Associated Leisure owned Dreamland and most of the arcades on Margate seafront and at the Lido) produced a large proportion of the income then.

The electronic arcade game was fairly new then, when the first space invader games arrived on a 10p slot they had queues from opening around 10 am to closing around 10pm, each machine taking over £100 a day when I think take-home pay was around £30 per week.

I think the idea of them newly reopened Dreamland is to have the retro rides, with the retro food and the political incorrectness and much dammed right awfulness of the old Dreamland removed.

If you don’t understand where I am coming from here watch the film.

If it wasn’t for the opening of Dreamland the main event would have been the Waterloo Dispatch re-enactment in Broadstairs and according to our local tourist information this one starts earl at 4.30am, see

I did phone them up and apparently this time is right, although they don't seem to know who is racing who and concede that things don’t really kick off until around 10.30am.

In Ramsgate Sunday is the annual Concert in celebration of Montefiore Day.  Tickets can be picked up at the Reception Desk from 3.30pm onwards on the day also available from “Nice Things” Gift Shop at The Custom House (address below) which is on the left as you enter.  The opening times are 11.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.                             

Tickets are £15.00 for non-members and  £10.00 concession for RMH members.  Non-members joining will also receive the concessionary rate, the financial benefits of which are outlined in the table at the end of this email!

Access to the Montefiore Synagogue is either from Dumpton Park Drive or from Hereson Road.  The postcode for the Synagogue is CT11 8AA  but the Synagogue itself is not on a road.

Those approaching from Dumpton Park Drive can also walk through the Montefiore Woodland, where the Lady Judith Montefiore College once stood, and see the wonderful work carried out by the Friends of the Montefiore Woodland in preserving the natural woodland area.  Further details can be found on the FMW website:

Various items will be on sale such as cards, CDs and books.  The Concert starts at 4.00pm and the doors open at 3.30pm.                

Prize for politically incorrect retro has to go to this ad in a 1960s Ramsgate guide I bought today, do you see yourself  as young and gay or sophisticated?  

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