Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Thanet is Rubbish, isn't it? Thanetonline wot blog? Ramsgate's Blue Flag beach vanishing? Wot wos the Ramsgate Society gutted? BBC Radio Kent goes Ga Ga. The Beetroot incident.

Do you get those moments ga ga or not when your mind goes blank? I had one on BBC Radio Kent today, I think it was around 11.30, I will look/listen later when I have finished work. I get a few of these will you say something about - well in this case Thanet - it's Rubbish here isn't it? Fairly frequently. 

I dfl'd well actually Salisbury, not London in around 1965, so I suppose technically I'm dfs - not to be confused with the sofa shop, and as teen everyone was always telling me Thanet is rubbish. I spent a lot of time, back then, sailing around the area in small boats, so if it was rubbish that was OK by me.

Anyway this morning the call form the BBC came and I could hear Simon Moores making a very good job of being interviewed in the background, obviously I'm up next - I have already told them that I will probably make a hash of it, as I don’t interview well. Then I'm on, as a bookseller I usually try to get the media by the incunabula or incunabula, being a bit uncertain about the plural of incunable, while obviously not going as far as saying "get your books from Michael's Bookshop, best sellers about Fanit from 1700 to last week" I do like to get a mention in on the media. Then it 'appened, the interviewer said. "So what's the latest post on your blog about?" Mind went totally blank - wot blog - what is a blog… It may be amusing to listen to if you can find it.

On yes Thanet - it's Rubbish here isn't it? Is a FaceBook group, see I am building up to doing much more with FaceBook so I may post some Thanet rubbish there as well as here.

After all of this I went on what Pevsner well technically - in Thanet, Newman calls a perambulation, noting (as it's all rubbish) nothing of architectural merit, apart from Lloyds Bank. Classical, a little ungainly in proportions, but with a delicate acanthus frieze and window tympana. 1895-6 and 1929 by T.N.Wilson.

Obviously there is nothing sic. Newman of architectural merit in Harbour Street, however the one that was the jeweller, possibly Hinds 58th verity, later - Impact (pedestrianisation) later tourist information, later piercing, later Ramsgate Society, Victorian stucco with Edwardian shopfront with stained glass panels, was a loss to me.

As you see from the pictures the building is now being gutted internally.

Perambulating on to the beach, it mostly wasn't there. As you see the lifeguards may soon be in need of their own services to rescue their hut. No worries as our antipodean friends would say, plenty of sand when the tide goes out.

Wot worries me is what protects the Pav, (originally built as a Concert Hall and Assembly Rooms in 1903. Designed by Stanley Davenport. Adshead and built by F.G. Minter of Putney. Ostensibly in the style of a Robert Adam orangery and based on the Little Theatre at Versailles; the whole was aimed as an exercise in the Adam style. Designed in 1 week, to be built in 6 weeks in time for the 1903 season.) when we have a high tide and a big storm.

On to Candy,s Cabin, brick faced, with 58ft lift… where on the crest of nervous energy occasioned by muffing up live radio I proceeded to further mess up my sketch of the Pav.

An artist's tip here, watch out for the beetroot if you have salad, eventually I capitulated, sketched the tea cabin thingy, cast concrete inclined roof… under a rather beetrooty moon, yes it soaks through many pages.       

Found it BBC Radio Kent Julia George yours truly at 02.31.00 actually when it came to it at 02.25.00 Simon Moores was a bit of a dinosaur. 

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