Monday, 1 June 2015

Update on The Royal Victoria Pavillion in Ramsgate, the new £80 on the spot litter fines start today in Thanet and a bit of a ramble

Rumour abounds when it comes to the main local projects and Weatherspoons plans to turn The Pav into a mega-pub are no exception, anyway the news is they haven't pulled out, but are still trying to work out what they are going for in the way of internal layout.

Correction, trust me to get it wrong, Weatherspoons are holding a consultation about the design of the inside of the Pav and it is currently bookd for the Royal Harbour Yacht Club on the 19th June. I do not know the times.

The next stage after this will be submitting the detailed planning application to TDC and assuming the plans get consent then the next stage will be finalising the purchase of the lease from The Rank Organisation, which I guess means work could start as early as this winter.

With all of this in mind I sauntered off to Candy's Cabin for an all day breakfast with a cuppa (£3) and tried to sketch the Pav.

Very difficult to get much shape into the sketch as all of the horizontal lines are pretty much horizontal apart from the roof that slopes down to the right a bit and the ground that slopes up to the right a bit but was obscured behind cars and stuff. I had to stand up to take the photo.

It's flaming June today, I have just put the heating on in my bookshop, once upon a time I would have done a pinch and a punch post showing which other local blogs people were coming to this one from.

Now these stats look like this

Referring Sites
Entry            Pageviews 3718 880 754 428 372 141 134 100 93 86

The main source of traffic being search engines, Twitter and Facebook.

Is the blog dead in Thanet? Well if it is I am carrying on as I can't get on with the other forms of social media.

The council's private litter and dog poo police start today, this is what they have to say.

"We are working in with a company called Kingdom to implement this enforcement officers across the district. If an enforcement officer witnesses someone dropping litter or not picking up their rubbish, they will issue a ticket (Fixed Penalty Notice).

How much is a Fixed Penalty Notice?

A Fixed Penalty Notice will cost you £80. If you do not pay this you could end up in court and be faced with a conviction that could cost you up to £2,500.

What exactly will I get a fine for?

Uniformed environmental enforcement officers will be patrolling across the district and will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices for the following:

Dropping litter - including items such as; cigarette butts, chewing gum, fast food and other forms of litter such as packaging.

Dog Fouling - failing to pick up after your dog or not disposing of the dog waste in the correct way."

I may ramble on here...


  1. Michael its only right that, the streets are disgusting and out in the countryside people dump stuff we were in the middle of no where and there was a fridge a double bed and other stuff just dumped. Whats with the kind of mentality that thinks that is the thing to do. The council then has to clear it up costing us a fortune.

  2. 'twas ever thus since Adam dumped the core Don, the problem lies with the stuff which used to last a lifetime and as it is now manufactured by oriental children is cheaper to replace that repair.


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