Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Ramsgate's Pleasurama site, historic phots and roofing questions

Does anyone know anything about flat roofing? I was looking at the new development on the pleasurama site earlier today and something about the roof they are putting on it seemed a bit strange to me. It looks like it's going to be a single membrane on composite wooden boards and I don't understand how this could work right next to a public footpath.

In simple terms the first time a sharp object is thrown at it and damages the membrane the roof will leak.

Anyway todays photos further down, historic Pleasurama site photos, from the time it was a railway station first.  

All of these photos were first published on the internet by me years ago when we published the book about Ramsgate's Railways. This first one shows the station after it was abandoned and before it became Ramsgate's main amusements and visitor attraction. 

As I have said before my main concern about the Pleasurama or Royal Sands development is the cliff facade, different bits of it have collapsed at different times and the way things stand the cost of keeping it safe is to paid for out of our council tax.

So as I said at the beginning, anyone know anything about flat roofing?  

Back in the seventies I was one of the Thanet lads who liked to get a big old thumper between the legs, my favorite was a Wideline 88 Dominator, although there various A10 variants including a very quick Super Rocket.Verious singles include B33 and C12 I don't think I ever oned one made after 1959 and so can't engage in dialogues about later or foreign stuff. 

Anyone with similar interests may wish to look at this auction as the national museum have put quite a bit in without reserves here is the link   

Latest Thanet coronavirus figures published today

Latest national figures also from UK gov
So nationally 162 Thanet 443 or not so good. 

Fairly cold and a bit windy today

A bit of a crack developing above the tunnels entrance 

at the moment I am experimenting with the new blogger editor so I tend to add stuff when i think about it. 

Back of the Pleasurama development  
on the roof this

becomes this, which as cars have gone over the top here suggests issues.

next a few photos from the last couple of weeks to see how the expand with a couple of clicks


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