Saturday, 5 December 2020

Photos of snow in Ramsgate 10 years ago December 2010, with some thoughts on Kentish Maids and so on

Thanet born and bread? Do you know if you are a Kentish Maid, a Man of Kent, a Maid of Kent or a Kentish Man? I am asking this today because the phrase Essex Girl is going to be removed from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, which is used to teach foreign language students English, after campaign group The Essex Girls Liberation Front branded it "very offensive". The phrase will stay in the Oxford English Dictionary as a "type of young woman, supposedly found in and around Essex, and variously characterised as unintelligent, promiscuous and materialistic". Does this mean that Kentish Maid and Maid of Kent are on a slippery slope to Person of Kent or Kentish Person?

ten years ago it snowed in early December so all of the photos in this post were taken in Ramsgate during the first week of December 2010
Thanet is sixth in the UK over 60s covid chart today
Note all of this data has a time lag so the figures published today are for last week 640 being the overall Thanet case figures for this period.

 will we see maid of Kent and Kentish maid removed from the dictionary

The older people virus traits lag behind the general virus rate ASDA's a differential between older and younger people

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