Friday, 4 December 2020

The church of St George the Martyr Ramsgate and my big vinyl confession

The pictures in this post are all of  The church of St George the Martyr Ramsgate, if I come across any more in the next I will add them to this post. Inbetween the pictures my rambling about anything that's going through my mind, I'll probably add to that too. 

Ok my background is very much science and engineering in the physics and electronics field. For the past few years I have tried to persuade people that there really is no difference between the sound that comes out of a digital audio file and what comes out when you play a vinyl record.


Now I suffer from tinnitus I don't have it all the time I usually only get it if I use the telephone or listen to music. In fact really virtually any sound coming out of a loudspeaker. About 6 months ago well sometime in the middle of lock down I really had had enough of no music and started playing different things; to see if any of them didn’t give me tinnitus.


On the whole the same thing played on a vinyl record has much less effect on my tinnitus than if I play it from a c.d., mp3 file or straight from the internet in whatever form it’s there. I have come to the conclusion it’s something to with the file compression. 

Coronavirus always in the back of my mind like the square root of minus one at the moment - it doesn't resolve easily.

The Thanet coronavirus figures very bad 460.1/100,000 and rising – third worst in the UK. just updated to 471.4/100,000 at 17.00 04.12.2020

The Local Government Association figures now say Thanet has moved into second place in England overtaking Swale and leaving only Medway worse than Thanet  

Get vaccinated when you get the chance, it's a patriotic duty to protect yourself and everyone else particularly health workers, not doing so is akin to deliberately showing a light in an air raid during WW2.

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