Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Congratulations to TDC planning department

Many thanks to the planning department for turning down the plans for the hideous extension to the restoration of the Granville Marina Restaurant in Ramsgate, the application number is L/TH/08/1197 click here to go to the government planning website.

Restoration work on this grade 2 listed building got off to a bad start, as you can see from the picture click here for more pictures of the restoration work in progress.


  1. Thank you Michael, the odd word of thanks makes up for years of Brickbats

  2. Ken: Michael why have you never thanked me before

    Michael: Ken it is tied up with the inevitable chronology of cause and effect relationships Ken

    Well done planning (Guiness Book of Records would not believe me)

  3. Ken Rick I think it’s very important to congratulate the council on the occasions when they carry out the wishes of local people.

    Ken the old chap who used to live in the flat over the restaurant is a customer of mine and he told me he had to move out because the fire brigade said they were no longer prepared to rescue him during storms. It could save a lot of time and trouble if you passed on through the planning department, to the developer that he needs to incorporate an emergency escape to the road above, so that the residents can escape.

  4. Yes Michael

    It is a great pleasure to thank the police for a good effort too.

    Never happened in Kent.

    But in the North. At a local community centre a couple of years back that Bakri was due to address the local Muslim community. I think one of his disciples turned up to do the chatty.

    Anyways rise of tension in the area and there I was on the community centre door the night things came to a bit of a head.

    Police came round the door early to say that the function going on was due to be attacked.

    There were four stabbings and a broken arm in the surrounding streets. But apart from throwing one black and two whites out of the centre and stopping some troublesome Middle Easterners getting in that was it.

    Policing with the people (intsead of Kent style policing to the people). Police played a blinder on the night.

    Thank you and well done letter to the police authority member (West Indian lad)

    Does feel good to write a well done letter. But at my age what was I doing there ? Of course I added into my thanks letter whatever they do never take the Kent Policing model seriously.

    My oldest daughter came across something of interest. She is expecting a baby in April (North of England) and was told that they are aware that where she comes from (Thanet) has the highest incidence of ectopic pregnancy in UK.

    Makes you wonder if it is something to do with the water. Previous rises in ectopics were to do with estroegen prescribed between 1938 and 71 misrepresented by doctors as vitamin supplements to pregnant mothers. This led to malformation of uterus etc in babies born to such mithers between 38 to 71 and that following generation copped the ectopic problem. So an area related rise in todays generation would not be due to that cause ?

    I asked ECR if Daktari should get on the case ... (As you know I think Daktari is a jazz musician and not a doctor but would be nice to be wrong)


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