Friday 5 December 2008

Tudor Christmas returns to Margate

Thanet district Council Press Release

Authentic Tudor Christmas celebrations return to Margate for the third year running, with an expanded programme of events due to its growing popularity.

This year, the Tudor House in King Street will be throwing open its doors over two consecutive weekends from midday until 5pm on Saturday 6, Sunday 7, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December.

Built in the early 16th century, during the reign of King Henry VIII, it’s thought the Tudor House originally belonged to a wealthy farmer or brewer. This year, there is a wide variety of arts and crafts to purchase, all with origins in the Tudor period, along with period costumes from Hampton Court Palace. Visitors can also pick up information sheets on how to make pomanders, kissing boughs and Tudor biscuits and an exhibition upstairs focuses on ale making, historically a core Margate industry, which is mentioned by Samuel Pepys in his diary.

Entertainment is planned on all four days, with Emily Parrish sharing short traditional folk and ghostly stories for Christmas on Saturday 6 December, with adults of a nervous disposition accompanied by a child over the age of seven. The next day, Theatre of the Small – Devil’s Tales, a puppet and model theatre with stories from Medieval times will be entertaining everyone. On Saturday 13 December, Robert Poulter’s Model Theatre will have renditions of Henry VIII I am and Baroque Opera for the whole family. On the final day, Apple Squires will have medieval music, including bagpipes, woodwind and percussion, winter poetry and celebratory frolics.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Culture and Economy, said: “The Tudor Christmas is a huge success every year and is an event that visitors have very much taken to their hearts. It’s a mark of its popularity that, this year, it’s been extended from just the one weekend to two weekends, giving people more chances to step back in time to Tudor days and experience life from 500 years ago. With the entertainment being planned for this year, there’s more to see and do at the Tudor Christmas than ever before.”

All events are free, although donations are welcome.


  1. Heritage is for for life not just for Christmas, and it is really sad that the powers that be, cannot do something with the Tudor House 365 days of the year. However, the Tudor Christmas theme is a fantastic idea and the Tudor House does have that seasonal feel about it.
    I doubt if people will get the guided tour, but should anyone get the chance to look in the cellar, take a good look at the cellar walls at the base. Then work your way up, it is noticable that the blocks at the bottom are crafted and the Tudor additions are random. Could this indicate the foundations are possibly medievil and the foundations pre date the original construction. Any way less of the anorak stuff and back to the current situation regarding the Tudor House.Excluding the preservation costs, I reckon the Tudor House could be run as a serious visitor attraction for less than the electricity bill of the Turner Center. The viability of the Tudor House can be prooven by the success of the Tudor Christmas theme. Plus whenever the Tudor House is open to the public the visitor numbers do speak for themselves.

  2. Perhaps we should sell this money pit to JG and see what happens

  3. Another attraction for people visiting Cliftonvilles Big Christmas event on the 6th


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