Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Ducking Chair at Fordwich

In ancient times the village of Fordwich was a town governed by a mayor and Jurats, they administered a very tough form of justice condemned evildoers being put to death by drowning.

Scolding wives were strapped to the ducking chair and lowered to the bottom of the river, after which they were put into a specially designed loft over the prison to dry out.

Local history produces these little gems of information that I feel duty bound to share with you all


  1. Michael, Winchelsea still has Jurats (non elected equivalant of Town Councillors) They pick a mayor from amongst themselves, and replace a jurat by themselves when needed. Interestingly they also levy a 'rate' on the local population. One may argue tjhat this is undemocratic, but the people of Winchelsea petitioned parliament in the early 70's to keep this system

  2. Isn't that a picture of the Irish Iris?

  3. Ken a bit like Ramsgate people voting to pay more for a town council.

    11.11 The photograph was taken in 1894 so it would seem unlikely.


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