Sunday, 21 December 2008


Laura Sandys press release

A message on the shortest day of the year!

How about brightening up your winter! I am calling for the Government to shift the clocks in winter one hour forward. While this has always been seen as a trivial issue statistics show it to be something that we should campaign for particularly over the dark Christmas evenings (that start at 4.00!)…
The case for Lighter Evenings is compelling:
° An annual reduction of up to 450 deaths and major injuries caused by road accidents. (RoSPA 2007).
° Energy Saving of up to 2% reduction in peak time electricity usage leading to a reduction in carbon emission of up to 1.2 million tonnes per annum. (Cambridge University 2008).

° Tourism earnings increased by £2.5b - £3.5b per annum resulting in 60,000 – 80,000 new jobs.(* Policy Studies Institute October 2008)

° Lighter evenings providing increased opportunity for outdoor activity and exercise to assist in the battle against childhood obesity.

° The elderly feel more vulnerable in hours of darkness with a consequent reduction in their effort to engage in activity outside their homes.

° Commerce will benefit from more light for late afternoon shopping.
I believe that it is miserable in winter evenings – don’t you? Why not call for a change!


  1. yes I agree,we must call for a change.

  2. If the British people were given a say on this, I believe that over 90% would agree with Ms Sandys.
    New times for a new age.

  3. It's a a bit silly really - there is still going to be as much daylight and night-time !


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