Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Margate Football Club and the medical Centre

Perusing the various online Thanet news sources I noticed the a story on the thisiskent.co.uk site about TDC turning down plans for a medical centre at Margate Football Club click here to read it.

The planning reference is TH/08/1186 click here to go to the planning website, they are fairly unusual plans showing the medical centre and football stands as one integrated building.

I have to admit to not being aware of this development or quite what is going on here, does anyone know.


  1. http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/letters/Footy-club-8217-s-medical-centre-bid-doubt/article-541224-detail/article.html

    A wee bit more...

  2. Thanks Thom I have now read both articles and am still somewhat confused, the planning application isn’t that clear either, the supporting letter hasn’t got the important letter from Sandy Ezekiel that it mentions attached to it, the justification of location doesn’t say who it’s from.

  3. I havent seen the plans but this wouldnt be the first such application by MFC. They applied for consent for a medical centre before (to be located facing Hartsdown Road) and were either rejected or realised it wasnt going to gain consent and gave up.

    It didnt seem much of a goer then and I doubt its much of a goer now bearing in mind the proximity to the QEQM...

  4. In his letter of justification Dr Rahman stated that the Council and Sandy were aware he has been looking for a suitable site for some years In MargateTown Centre but none were large enough to house such a project. With the ever increasing decline of the High Street for shopping purposes now would seem to be an ideal time for such a development to be considered in the town centre. Perhaps in the old M & S building which is very close to his current surgery.

    I write as someone who recognises Margate Football Clubs’ fight for survival but who is concerned at their apparent gradual encrouchment into the public open areas of Hartsdown Park. The enclosed 5 a side football pitches (now seemingly very much under used) were built on park land and the area of the previous Council Nursery was left in such a state from the spoil from that development that public access is now denied. If the already approved enclosed full size football pitch on Tivoli Park goes ahead even more walking and recreational areas will be lost to the public.

    With the exception of Dane Park I question generally the Councils commitment to open spaces. Hartsdown and particularly the Golf Approach Course is a mess. Northdown not much better. Do the toilets ever open? At half term the playground was very busy and children had to ask in the library if they could use their toilets. The Sunken Gardens at Westbrook which used to be a picture now only superficially cared for. Do the Council have a hidden agenda to sell them off with the unwanted builings?

  5. 1. The new plans did not encroach any further area of Hartsdown or Tivoli Park.
    2. The policies applied to the application were inconsistent
    3. The application was an outline application
    4. The area of the previous nursery was left in a better state after the 5's works and do not belong to MFC to maintain
    6. The medical centre was only previously withdrawn as an end user could not be found, the club has a very interested party now. The material spread over the site was perfectly good soil.
    7.The compatible uses proposed by the football club would have contributed to the long term sustainability of the football club which should form an integral part of the community.
    8.The sad deterioration of the town centre in Margate is replicated throughout Britain and is the result of government policy on planning. An architect may have designed Arlington House but it was Government Policy and Planners that encouraged and promoted this type of development.
    9. Football Clubs cannot survive on Football alone.

  6. No suitable site?
    No cheap site they mean.

    There is an entire high street of empty shops to choose from.


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