Friday, 12 December 2008

Ramsgate Renaissance Site, an idea for Cardy Construction Limited?

Adem commented on the previous post that he had forgotten about the plans for Pleasurama that included sports facilities.

Above is an artists impression of it, as I remember the developer was to have been Westcliff Park Estates who have produced the very attractive development opposite the boating pool on the westcliff in Ramsgate.

Part of the offer was to have been a swimming pool on the ground floor, this would have been given to the town on completion.

The council turned down the developer on the grounds that they were financially unsound and opted instead for an offshore company whose accounts were a secret.

You will notice the most important factor about this development is that it is only four stories high, this means that it would have fitted in the space available, between the high tilde mark and the cliff top.

The main problem with the plans that the council have approved is that the building is five stories tall and therefore just wont fit in the available space.
It would seem very unlikely that there will be any progress until the developer acts on the EAs letter click here to read it.


  1. Four stories, five stories bad. That's the exact image I was thinking of. 2002 for completion eh? We do like wasting time don't we?

  2. A poor decision then! If the EA figures are correct for tide surge etc, the new 'Royal Sands'will from time to time also get its indoor swimming pool on the ground floor!


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