Friday, 19 December 2008

Tesco rip-off

One of the problems when dealing with big companies is one often comes up against a total lack of common sense.

Tesco is one of the firms I normally boycott because of the damage they have done to Ramsgate both by building a hideous supermarket in the town, which caused a lot of small shops to close and then by closing and decamping out of town, once again damaging our town centre.

As a family we spend about £10,000 a year on shopping that we deliberately don’t do there and as over the years this builds up, my contention is that every little helps.

With the bookshop and the children it’s very difficult for us to go anywhere over Christmas so the rest of the family come to us, and it’s a large family.

We always have Tunis Cake at Christmas which none of the shops in Ramsgate sell so my wife ordered four from Tesco online, she also ordered tomato ketchup value £1.92 which we happened to be out of.

A cheery Tesco delivery man arrived today with the ketchup and said they were out of Tunis Cake but not to worry about the £6 delivery charge, he said just phone them and they are bound to see that it’s a stupid mistake and refund the delivery charge.

In the end they offered a £3 refund, one lives and learns.


  1. I don't think Tesco care that one bloke with a chip on his shoulder and very little money has chosen not shop there.

  2. 17.59 As I said every little helps and these shops that have changed the ordinary towns we live in so drastically, without us having any say in the matter need addressing.

    Have you been to Margate recently, it’s no use complaining about it and supporting the cause, I am afraid driving for every shopping and leisure activity just isn’t environmentally sustainable.

    It really is all about humanity still being alive on this planet in 100 years, nothing less.


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