Thursday, 29 October 2009

Quex Park some pictures

We took our children to Quex Park today there was plenty to entertain them, mask making, the lights out and ghosts, decorate your own cake £1 extra but they did get to eat it, I slipped off and took a few pictures click on the links for them.

There is a bit of local folklore surrounding these two statues, up until relatively recently there was a long period of time where the fountain didn’t work and they lacked the cleansing and protection it has afforded since its creation.

Their creator was allowed one exception to natural law for putting in a flaw in their forms; this was that every hundred years they come to life for an hour.

I heard from the only witness to this event a description of what happened, for what it’s worth here it is.

As soon as they became aware of their fleshy forms they both vanished behind the bushes, a certain amount rustling was the heard followed by some grunting and then the girl spoke to the boy thus.

“Now you hold the pigeon and I will do it on its head.”

There are certain difficulties associated with photographing inside Quex, one being it is difficult to get permission and anther being that the exhibits are behind glass so please accept my apologies for the quality of some of the pictures in the next sets.

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