Monday, 15 March 2010

A couple of short walks in Ramsgate and a few pictures

One way and another it was a very family orientated weekend during which we did a fair amount of entertaining so I didn’t get much of a chance to get out and take many pictures.

I did get out just after lunch yesterday and did get a short walk this morning between taking the children to school and opening my bookshop s here they are.

The weather in Ramsgate this morning is about as good as it gets in early spring and I recommend if you get a chance that you take advantage of it.

Nothing much of note in the pictures apart from the one above, it would apper that someone has been investigating to find out why the wall at the top of the cliff by Augusta Stairs is sinking into the ground.


  1. Looks like it may be a lack of foundations.....but oh gosh you don't need foundations in thanet do you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guarantee TDC are keeping shtum about this one, perhaps it needs a foi to find out the result of the invetigation....of course it would be much easier if tdc believed in open government.... they probably will when pigs learn to fly.

  3. Some slightly obscure topics in those piccies Michael. Nice to go with you on your walk I love it thank you.

  4. You might like to add the lights have been out on Augusta Steps since March 2009 - a health and safety matter that is apparently down to TDC to fix.


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