Friday, 5 March 2010

Thanet District Council Pleasurama and the Doors of Perception

I suppose that at some point most of the more thoughtful of the youf of today discover The Doors, a rock group of my youf that produced six albums 1The Doors 01/67 2 Strange Days 10/67 3 Waiting For The Sun 07/68 4 The Soft Parade 07/69 5 Morrison Hotel 02/70 7 LA Woman 04/71.

This I suppose is often followed by the cry of “dad got any Doors albums” – sheet music, know any riffs – type of job, assuming dad is of a certain age the answer will probably be “which one do you want” however when asking for something you have to know if it exists.

As you can see from the picture above (click on it to enlarge) dad may have some stuff on vinyl that you don’t know exists, and this is the nub of the problem when trying to extract information from Thanet District Council, by that I mean you have to know if it exists before you can ask for it.

Anyway the freedom of information requests relating to the Pleasurama development that I submitted to the council last year are, see are coming to a sort of fruition and some further correspondence from senior council officers is emerging see

I have deliberately removed the officer’s names and substituted a code based on my guess of their approximate weekly wage, I would please ask anyone not to use their names in comments.

I have added the following song, not The Doors but somehow appropriate to the dialogue.
I recommend you double click on the video so it opens in a separate window this will both enable you to reach the volume control and listen to it while reading the dialogue.


  1. michael, I think I know who "2k" is, but its actually "2.403k". Gross.

  2. Excellent work Michael. It’s about time these despotic characters were knocked off their perches. I love the idea of the nicknames. Perhaps I should publish the results of my correspondence with 2k, although this may be a little difficult as he’s currently stopped corresponding. His past correspondence speaks volumes in that it says nothing!

  3. Get a grip on artistic reality, Michael! If TDC says there is a concrete foundation at the base of their facing wall, there must be. The fact that your excellent series of pics shows that is not the case, is irrelevant in the crazy deluded artistic culture that has gripped Thanet.

    If prancing around a neglected tidal bathing pool is a worthy artistic sculpture to draw the crowds in their millions to Margate and has been paid for by the tax-payer, who are you to suggest that you cannot see a concrete foundation when TDC states there is one? You really must get with this new art business and forget about Tissot. We can feel the foundations in our minds and visualise the conception of support and strength to the cliff face repairs without actually seeing them for real. This is the world we live in,isn't it?

  4. Bertie is right, just remember when KCC say they have gritted Waterloo Plains they have. Just because the evidence of cars sliding all over the place is there for all to see, you are all wrong. That's the way councils work.

  5. I haven't heard Alices Restaurant for yonks. But then I haven't had such a laugh at secret codes for ages. I wonder why it costs so much to employ jokers when Thanet has loads of unemployed who could do a better job.

  6. Some replies here
    First a thought on Jim Morison’s mother
    And art.
    W.G.Du P.
    Took great
    C/0 his M*****
    Though he was only 3.
    J.J. said to his M*****
    "M*****," he said, said he:

    14.14 gross indeed.

    16.36 I hope he doesn’t stop corresponding with me as there a still several foi requests in the pipeline, I though I was pulling my punches here I could have called the post; The Doors of Deception – for instance.

    Bertie yes now you mention it the sheer ebullience of this concept draws my attention, interest and even my money.

    10.59 I like I think of their slithering about a providing me with entertainment, did you see the video I made of it?

    Don It’s the bit about the Nixon tapes that gets me, makes me laugh every time even though I have heard it before.


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