Saturday, 6 March 2010

Thanet District Council’s Light Fandango and the birds.

Staying with the council and my somewhat dated taste in music

Incidentally the birds are the ones that wake me up in the morning, hence far too many photos, I told them that if they didn’t pose like that there would be no more peanuts.

and thoughts on our somewhat - why do I find myself at a loss for words when describing our council – perhaps some nickname based on its daily cost would be the answer – the picture of these council flats in Ramsgate was taken a noon today.

As you can see not only do all of the lights point in the worst direction for light pollution but also they were all turned on in the middle of the day.


  1. A miracle! Michael you have encapsulated magnificently in your pic, an incredible example of 'Perching art'. Better go and discuss with V.Pomeroy a TC sponsored perching art event.

  2. Bertie I don’t think they would understand as the grant would be peanuts.

  3. There have been five floodlights lighting up an empty field at the Nethercourt camp site till 2100 hrs all winter,I "E" mailed the council to find out under the FOIA who is paying the bill and never got a reply.this site should have been open to residents during the winter as there have been few caravans there.

  4. Are they actually council flats owned by TDC ?

  5. Michael, how about conducting a poll to see just how many people have had their FOI requests ignored!

  6. That brings back some memories Michael. I recall the huge Sergeant major Shardlow (REME Bordon) in 1967 and his towering over the guy next to me on morning muster parade. It went something like this:

    "Tell me lad, are'nt we feeling too good this morning ? Did we skip our breakfast ? Did we drink a bit too much last evening mayhap ? The reason for my concern is you are standing there like a bag of shite tied up in the middle and I SWEAR YOU HAVE CHANGED TO A DISTINCTLY EFFING WHITER SHADE OF PALE DO YOU WANNA TURN EFFING COGWHEELS ACROSS MY PARADE SQUARE WIV MY BOOT UP YER ITCHYCOO PARK !"

  7. Richard he had a really terrific way with words maybe he went on to get a grant to sponsor him when he was discharged. Michael have you got any Byrds tracks I used to have an album by them but old age means I cant remember one track on it. When ever we drive up the Thanet way I notice all the lights still on in day light and mean to phone someone but then by the time I get home apathy returns and I never do.

  8. 20.45 I think they must be they are always having maintenance like taking all of the double glazing out and putting a new lot in, I would think only the council could afford that sort of thing.

    It’s a thought 23.32 trouble is I don’t know of a way of producing a poll that would be accurate, the only accurate ones I believe can be done by the government where they hold enough information about us to ensure that people don’t vote more than once.

    Don I have got about 10 of their albums I think and will feature a picture of them some time, so perhaps you will remember from the cover.

    The trouble with the Byrds is that they mostly did songs first performed and sung by other artists, so a lot of the songs they are most famous for, Mr Tambourine Man, is a good example, aren’t actually their songs.

    The trouble with contacting the council over this sort of thing is it could easily turn into a full time job, with the fact that they are often so unresponsive as to make it all a bit disheartening.


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