Friday, 13 August 2010

Thanet District Council Snub Wantsum Jazz Festival, Red Arrows, Lark in the Park and Ramsgate week but push Monster Bass

Lots happening in Ramsgate this weekend, first the free jazz festival, nothing on the internet about this and certainly nothing on the council’s website, or at least nothing I could find apart from some bits in the monster bass program when the jazz festival is performing on the main stage. Anyway I have done what I can from available material see for program and pictures, any more material, just send it to me and I will stick it up on the web too.

Monster Bass loads on the council’s website about this and oh and the program here

The Red Arrows are at Manston too and I just got some pictures of them over Ramsgate click on the link to see when they will be flying over nothing on the council website about this either.

Sorry the pictures of the Reds are a bit fuzzy, I didn’t have the right lens for plane spotting with me and I suppose I wouldn’t have had time to put it on the camera if I had, click on the link for today’s lunch break pictures

Here are a few thoughts on them, from the top:

Ramsgate town centre was too busy to take pictures.

Tourist information centre another council owned asset empty, no rental income, carbuncle on the town, no apparent advertising of it as available.

Harbour Parade closed to traffic and a fun fair going up.

No sign of the Maritime Museum opening for the events this weekend.

Red Arrows over Ramsgate.

A large area of the beach has been fenced off and I think we are in for a bit of a blow this weekend so that should be interesting.

Ramsgate Week starts Monday and no mention of this on the council’s homepage either.

Click on the link for the Ramsgate Week website

Lark in the Park is in full swing at Government Acre click on the link for their website

I know that I am rubbing this one in a bit, but this is what the council are promoting on their homepage see today, the links are copied from there.

Monster Bass comes to Ramsgate

Millmead Childrens Centre Surestart Summer Fete

An evening with World Tree Music

Lions Fete at Victoria Gardens

National Blood Service - Birchington Village Centre Association

An evening with World Tree Music

Quiz Night24th Annual Model Ships Rally

Coast along for Water Aid Saturday 11 September 2010

Walk On The Wildside

Murderers Magicians Madmen & Monarchs

Margates Big Event

There is nothing wrong with the events, but only one of these events is on this weekend and two have already happened.


  1. well whadaya know tdc is as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
    Absolute chaos on harbour parade and in the car park never mind a monster bass more like a monster cock up well done tdc.

  2. All these events - yet still absolutely fuck all that is any good or anyone really cares about. Nothing for the hundreds of people on this sceptic isle who don't want the bullshit that TDC seem insistant on wanting us to enjoy. Apart from the Real Ale festival (which i didnt see advertised this year - was there one??)is there actually anything that people like myself - who dont like the horse shit that is dredged up year after year - can go an enjoy - something even slightly alternative or off the wall (Margate Pride - what a joke and no im not gay and yes i havebeen to the fantastic brighton one on many occaision). No of course not its all way too safe and a waste of money - and before anyone bleats on about -"well what did you expect from the younger crowd" - Im 45 and find NOTHING that TDC does even mildly entertaining. No wonder most of the people i know don't bother going out in Thanet - its shit - period. Time to disband TDC and get some other people to run it who have even a mild passing interest in anything that hasnt been done to death or so tediously boring that i fall asleep just looking at the listing of boring shyte that gets forced down our throats every year. Monster Bass - WTF - would be more interesting if it was a bunch of people fishing off Ramsgate Pier and charging a quid to stand there bored for 8 hours. For fucks sake when are TDC going to grow a pair and take even a small risk with what they loosely term entertainment.

  3. Dead right. TDC should be abolished.


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