Wednesday 4 August 2010

The Granville Illustrated news for 1879

I am working on copying this publication for reprint at the moment and would like a bit of help if anyone can.

The copy I am working from has some bits missing, not very much and if I have to I will, do my best to fill it in.
It has occurred to me however that someone else may have a copy and therefore know what is missing.
The largest bit missing is in the third column of the page above about a third of the way down.

The original images are very large indeed and I am not quite certain what blogger will make of them, usually clicking on the image and then clicking on it again once it has opened gives the best enlargement.
As is sometimes the case I am working from a copy and not a very good one and I suspect the original was lost in Ramsgate Library fire.

This is issue one of this publication and I can’t find any reference to subsequent issues, I would also be interested in any reference to subsequent issues.
A sizable proportion of this publication is devoted to Westgate on Sea, more to come of this soon if this bit works OK.


  1. Anonymous GeraldAugust 05, 2010 4:59 pm

    That's what the Marina Theatre ala Neros originally looked like inside?! It's incredible, puts even more shame to you know who for pulling it down.

  2. I have the original page.

    Ben Kelly


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