Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Few Ramsgate Pictures and thoughts

Here are the pictures on the camera card these taken on Monday a few thoughts on them.

The new Cornish Pasty Co is open.

Ramsgate Town Partnership another deserted TDC asset not on the list of council to let see as you see the list hasn’t been updated like much of the council website, so who knows just how much they have vacant that isn’t returning any rent.

Then the historic vessel pontoon still empty.

The Maritime Museum still closed.

Vista now open and it seemed fairly busy.

The Tug Portwey see on no1 slipway.

Work is getting underway on the pavilion.

The hanging gardens of the Pleasurama cliff are now a fairly prominent feature.

Next today’s photographs

There was a dog swimming around in the outer basin, seemed quite happy and obviously unaware of the ban on dogs being there.

The security guards were there with their beach hut.

A blue sticker has appeared on the water quality sign, which seems to roughly translate as not such good water quality after heavy rain.

Then I heard a lot of banging about on the Pleasurama site, this transpired to be coming from an impromptu skate park that seems to be developing there instead of the development, good to see the site being put to some use.

Then something that amused me come one o’clock the security guards with the beach hut on the east pier seem to both knock off for lunch at the same time, so we go from the expensive protection to none at all.

Vista didn’t seem to be busy at all today, the rest of the places in the café culture that are usually busy seemed as busy as ever, I don’t know if this is significant of anything,

Finally back to King Street where the pavements and road surface is taking on a bit of a third world look.


  1. I notice that the Ramsgate Arts Festival (, which appears to have no support from TDC, is not posted in the window of the Ramsgate Town Partnership building. It's also not listed on TDC's website. I sometimes get the feeling that TDC actively discourages the arts in Ramsgate as it pushes to promote Margate as the centre of all things creative.

  2. I don't think tdc actively encourages anything at ramsgate. the harbour now seems as dead as a DODO with a planning harbour master who seems more involved with selling off tennis courts and making lame excuses regarding night flying than anything else.


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