Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Ramble 2 The Mayoress Margate Carnival Queen and the Local Paper

Last Sunday I took some pictures of Ramsgate Carnival, at the same time there was another event at Quex, this meant that Margate Carnival Queen couldn’t attend Ramsgate Carnival.

Anyway two of our lady councillors took on the job of representing Margate, Shirley Tomlinson and Iris Johnston, they didn’t do this as either councillor of mayoress, but just to fill the gap or float if you like.

Now whatever your political affiliations I can assure you that these two ladies did the job in a good humoured style that enhanced the carnival atmosphere, any councillors from opposing political parties who fancies taking part in a carnival with similar enthusiasm gets the chance to disagree on this one.

There is also the historical aspect here i.e. actually having been carnival queen and taken part in It’s a Knockout in Ramsgate marina Pool.

Anyway the Gazette asked if they could use one of my photographs of Shirley falling over, when this happens, if I know who the person is in the photograph then I let them know before Oking this.

As I was there I can definitely assure you that this was a deliberate fall done in right in front of the Red Cross team to encourage and involve them in what was going on.

Anyway having reviewed the pictures at I realised that there were more than one that could have suggested that this was in fact a real fall and given rather the wrong idea about the lady.

One way or another it all worked out fairly Ok in the end, but it does give one a sense of the power of the, blog, newspaper camera and so on to misrepresent the situation either by accident or design.

I am glad to say that the Gazette published a different picture in the end and this is just to set the record straight for anyone who misinterpreted the pictures I put on the internet.

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