Monday, 16 August 2010

Pleasurama, Royal Sands Development Ramsgate Development Agreement

I have finally got around to this very large document and am working through it, I did ask for it in digital format but what I got was a big pile of paper.

I have been photographing the sheets of paper in-between customers in the shop today and have put what I have done so far on the internet at the links there take you to different sections of the document.

I don’t really know if anyone else wants to tackle it, however I am fairly certain that if I only put up the parts I think are relevant there will be a lot of anonymous comment saying that I am editing it to prove my point of view.

Well I suppose I should state my point of view once again and I will try to do so here as I get time.

Well I suppose the links along the bottom of the post Cardy Construction Limited, , , , give a fair idea of my point of view, so you can always follow them.
This development that never actually starts, certainly blights Ramsgate and I suppose one of the worst aspects of it is that while the delays go one year after year, the fact that the developer doesn’t allow the empty site to be used for anything that would help Ramsgate’s economy is something the concerns me the most.


  1. I think the money spent by tdc on the cliff facing is very concerning. £1,000,000 of public money with no apparent accountability, no chartered engineer responsible for the project, and tdc trying to brush all concerns under the carpet.The directors and cabinet members of tdc should be held to account.

  2. michael

    I might be able to get this professionally scanned for you. Just getting a quote.

  3. 10.59 I think the problem here is not so much to do with the qualifications of the engineers involved, but that once the work had been completed and the cracks and vegetation growth appeared it was the same engineers that supervised the work, who were asked to give a professional opinion on its effectiveness.

    11.17 in practice there is very little of this document that would change the situation as it is today, at the moment I can only see one paragraph where the developer hasn’t complied with the legal constraints.

    I have am only really putting it all up for the few people with a genuine interest and the feedback I have had from them suggests they ate finding it legible enough, oh and of course the wretched anonymous posters who otherwise would be bound to say that I had some sort of agenda in only quoting selected parts.

    Be assured that my only motivation here is to protect Ramsgate from having a potentially dangerous development and the council from developing a liability that is far beyond their means.


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