Monday 30 August 2010

Ramsgate Bank Holiday Monday, sonic junk and some reflection on digital cameras

After a very slow start I did get out and take some pictures today, what happens to the sensor of my digital camera is mostly akin to bugs on a windscreen, I did my best to get off what I could.

Some thoughts on the pictures, the first lot are at

The arts event people evidently managed to erect the large white tent despite the wind, I thought they could possibly end up stranded there supporting it like caryatids.

ITV were there filming the Sol Cinema, something that has evidently excited the media as it was on BBC Meridian news earlier.

I don’t think the traffic lights were to do with the arts festival, although who knows with modern art, they had been removed from the road and were next to each other on the paved area in front of the clock house, still operating as though directing the traffic.

I wasn’t able to get a picture where you could see one showing red and the other green as these are the newer type of traffic light and the light emitted by the leds is very directional.

The next lot of pictures are at one rather unusual and dangerous aspect of the festivities was the traffic on Harbour Parade, as there was nowhere to park and the road is a dead end its presence there was utterly pointless, however I was told that when they had stopped it yesterday they had so many complaints that they had let it all in today.

I took some more pictures of the pictures on the great wall as the light was good.

There was a moderate sea running and the waves were creating some amusement, for me they were the best aspect of the day.

More pictures at I had recently had my lunch so I didn’t sample the tea and cake at the Italianate greenhouse, but intend to go back and try it.

The Sonic Junk Machine (modified milkfloat) was operated for us and it is likely that I will put a video of this on youtube for people’s edification.
Some thoughts on the arts festival, I am afraid family and shop commitments meant that I didn’t get to see that much of it.

The people I spoke to, both spectators and artists seem to have had a good time and a lot of fun.

One aspect that particularly pleased me was that it was spread over so much of the town.

The only thing that really annoyed me was that I couldn’t get TDC to promote it on their homepage.

This is the second time that Ramsgate and Margate have had events on at the weekend and I have asked the council to promote them both on the council’s homepage, with the result that only the Margate event was promote there.

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