Monday, 17 December 2012

Get your hair cut! Two new shops in Ramsgate.

The shop next door to my bookshop, which has changed hands more times that I can remember in the last few years, has reopened as a barber this time.

Interestingly their neighbour on the other side is a barber that has been there for a long time, I hope this doesn’t saturate the haircut business in this part of Ramsgate and cause them both to close.

Slightly further down on the other side, the pet shop that closed some time ago has just opened selling washing machines and other white goods.

I guess the problems of revitalising our town centres are reflected here in King Street Ramsgate at the point where the town contracted to after Westwood Cross, and now a very sensitive area because of internet shopping.

What the solutions to our ailing town centres are I don’t really know, my guess is that the change if it ever comes will have to come from a mixture of government taking the taxation to a level playing field and manufactures ensuring that their goods continue to be displayed where people can handle them.     

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  1. Cut throat competition comming then.