Sunday, 16 December 2012

Royal Harbour Brasserie, Christmas Classic Cars in Ramsgate, some photos, sketch and a ramble.

The Thanet microclimate excelled itself today and you could have forgiven by thinking spring was in the air, the traditional Christmas classic car run came past just as we were going for a post god bothering Sunday walk.

I have to admit that while my children were engaged in something liturgical I had had a bit of a lie in, I think my days as a contemplative religious means I have probably bothered the superpower enough.

We went off to Staffordshire Street car park, which is very close to my bookshop and took a few pictures of the cars, they are going onto the web as I write and I won’t see them until they get there so you will have to do your own editing.

Our walk took us up the harbour wall to the newly opened Royal Harbour Brasserie, where we had an excellent breakfast, well to be more realistic as it was after twelve I will call it brunch.

The pictures are or will be at the following links

Children take longer that most adults to eat so I did get time for the quick sketch above while I was in The Royal Harbour Brasserie.

A considerable difficulty is producing a reasonable photograph of the restaurant, this is because although it is very light inside due to the large windows, the camera sees the light difference between the inside and the view through the windows as being much greater than the human eye does. So either the outside is over exposed or the inside under exposed, unless anyone knows some sort of photographic trick that I don’t, ‘fraid it was the best I could do.    
I may ramble on here

From John Holyer "Here is your photo with the dark spots lightened. Let me know if you would like me to do some more for you." and the answer is yes any time you like John.

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I think most bloggers are suffering from this at the moment, just watch out for comments saying what a wonderful blog this is, that have a link in the comment, as clicking on the link may lead you somewhere unpleasant.  

Here is another one of Royal Harbour Brasserie enhanced by John, so once again many thanks. 

It is difficult to explain the effect on the winter spirit, of sitting in the warm with the sun streaming, in looking out across the harbour while eating something good that one hasn’t had to cook oneself. 


  1. Michael,

    I do not particularly mind about the spam comments bearing in mind that my is becoming larger by the minute as a consequence.

    1. John I guess you are a Lacedaemonian Ambassador by now.

  2. Michael I awoke to over 300 spam comments so have put comment Mod on. The Piccies look great as always.


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