Monday, 26 May 2014

A few pictures of Margate Meltdown 2014 possible ramble.

Motorbikes and art, can't beat it so here is a sketch


  1. I'd be far more impressed if they were all cyclists instead.

  2. Fool ! There's always one !! When peddlists start paying road tax then you can start moaning ! If you ever have to phone for an ambulance chances are you will get a paramedic on a motorcycle ! It's what you want if your having a heart attack not someone on a peddloe !!

    1. You're the fool, as UK Road Tax was scrapped in 1937. What you pay is an emissions tax. Roads are funded by ALL tax payers.

      More here:

  3. Jamie,

    You walked right into that one.

    One should be circumspect about branding one's interlocutor a fool.

  4. classic bikes and scooters dont pay rd rax or emmision tax so what a load of b......... WE ARE THE MODS WE ARE THE MODS WE ARE WE ARE THE MODS (from the 60s )


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