Saturday, 2 May 2015

School Homework, Android Tablets and Flash Player, a rare technology post

You know the one where you are supposed to ask your children about technology, which is sort of true when it comes to social media I guess I have learnt quite a bit about FaceBook by asking my teenage children.

With my children we went through the business where they had out old desktops and this worked fairly well, then they had cheap laptops, well this didn’t work so well, I think this is because for a laptop to work fairly well it needs to be new and not bottom of the range.

Somewhere in all of this the children got Samsung Android phones, pay as you go ee with the £20 for 6 months internet. I noticed two things one being that they were being used a lot for homework and the other is they seemed to carry on working properly after being used by young teenagers for months.

Anyway having gone to Argos and bought a cheap Lenovo Android tablet to take credit card payments via PayPal and the whole thing being successful. I decided to try the children on tablets

Yes that seems to be it, you can buy your child a brand new and fully functional computer that they can do their homework on for £80, probably even less if you look around for special offers.

This has also been successful, (although you do need to make sure all of the Android updates have been done before installing the MS Office programs,) with the aging laptops that take ages to boot not being needed much until one of the homework sites said it needed Flash Player.

Much to my surprise and unlike almost everything else I have come across, there isn't a flash player app that you can just go to app store and install for free, however we now have flash player installed and the homework has been done.

Here is the video that explains how to do it.

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