Monday, 4 May 2015

A painting of Canterbury Cathedral, a few books for my bookshop and possibly a ramble.

Here is the painting of Canterbury Cathedral, I had very little time in Canterbury today so this was a bit a rush job, the drawing was done with a XS size black Pitt Pen, paint wise the sky wet the paper and then slosh around very thin cobalt blue produced the grey sky, cathedral; mix up some thin napels yellow and some very thin ivory black and slosh them around where appropriate, roof and windows paynes grey.

Here is a photo of the view from where I was sitting, seating for the trailer café near the cathedral exit through the cathedral shop. £1.50 for a mug of tea, £3.50 for a sarni and £1 for a can of cold Coke. Got to be a café table with one of the best views in the world.

This is an hour in re comment.

As you can see the blue sky had gone by the time I put the paint on.

This is quite a good example of how the camera lies, unless of course you think the cathedral towers lean into the middle of the cathedral. I guess the A4 painting took about an hour and a half. What I really needed was twice as much time and a bit of paper twice the size.

I bought a few books in Canterbury, I think the star buy was the one on the BSA Gold Star, I have owned A B and C series BSAs but never aspired to the YBs ZBs BBs CBs and DBs or even DBDs only a B31 with  B33 engine, ‘s‘cuse the geriatric bike spotter language.  


  1. 10/10 Michael, in just an hour and a half as well.

    Have you by any chance buried on the shelves of your bookshop the following that I have been looking for these last few years.

    ‘Herbert Draper – A Life Study’ by Simon Toll
    ISBN: 1851493786

  2. Alan not sure about the 10/10 about 80 mins drawing and 20 mins painting as I got some texts while I was drawing and should be able to add the photo of the drawing after an hour, which is when I started to rush things. I think it is doing all my drawing with a Pitt Pen rather than using a pencil recently that has speeded things up and produced the rather loose style.

    I haven’t got; Herbert Draper: A Life Study by Simon Toll and it’s going to cost about £300 for a reasonable copy, beware of the Ex Library ones on the internet for about £200, if you go to buy one get the seller to send you photos of the library cancellation stamps, otherwise you may wind up with a copy that says swag on it, default.


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