Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Manston Airport cpo the Big Questions

Having just got round to looking at the news in Thanet I spotted this Isle of Thanet Gazette article saying that "UKIP'S leader-elect for Thanet District Council, Chris Wells, has said work will start on gaining a compulsory purchase order for Manston airport in "the next seven days.""

Anyway I think there must be something wrong with this article, so I phoned up he council and asked them.

Is work on starting the Manston cpo going to start by next Tuesday?

The answer to this one was. "No nothing can start on any new council projects until after the new council has been formed at the meeting on Thursday of next week.

Can the new administration chose a company to finance a cpo and make the council start one?

The answer to this was they didn’t know but would try and find out and let me know.

If the new administration were to manage to force a cpo against the wishes of the council officers where would the liability be, in other words say the cpo failed or the company financing the cpo folded, would the councillors be personally responsible for the legal costs, compensation to the owners for not being able to develop the site during the cpo process and the owners legal costs in fighting the cpo?

The answer to this was they didn’t know but would try and find out and let me know.

The picture is of the first commercial fleet of planes at Manston in 1963 from the book I publish with chapter 1 published here and chapter 2 here good reading if you are interested in the very early days of Manston Airport.

I guess my main concern here is because of the size of the Manson site and the costs of fighting a cpo some of the new councillors could wind up bankrupt, losing their houses and savings.

I don’t really know if "the next seven days." In the newspaper article is a lie, some sort of mistake or if the officer I spoke to at the council is wrong, but it doesn’t seem to be a good way to start off a new administration.

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  1. If the officers have already advised against a CPO partner, what has changed?
    Also we still await the PWC report at the end of May, why the unseemly hurry Manston isn't going anywhere?


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