Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A go at a Thanet election special 3

Trying to predict which way the parliamentary election will go here in Thanet South seems to have fallen apart with various opinion polls disagreeing I think there is still a fair chance of winding up with either a UKIP, Conservative or Labour MP.

National government wise it is still looking like a no overall majority result with the SNP factor suggesting that the next parliament will lean a bit more to the left.

As there is very little I can do about any of this I am still thinking in terms of who will make a reasonable constituency MP and first up is writing to your MP if your benefits stop or you get some huge tax bill.

Of course your family income may be over £73,100 which takes you out of the benefit system and you may pay no taxes… but even then you may have occasion to write to your MP.

So after the election if you write to your MP… Will they reply to you? Will one of their office staff reply to you? Will they have a reasonable understanding of what goes on here in Thanet? Will they get Thanet much in the of government grant funding?

Predicting how the Thanet District Council councillors election will go seems to be the same only different, I am making the assumption most people will put their crosses against the same parties in this one as they did on the general election. So we will probably wind up with about a third UKIP, about a third Conservative and about a third Labour councillors at TDC.

As a bit of a TDC watcher over the past few years I am a bit uncertain if this makes much difference, however I would say you are doing pretty well if you can even find candidates you have heard of on your TDC ballot paper.

Over the last few weeks I have asked UKIP, The Conservatives and Labour for a TDC manifesto, nothing was delivered and as it's getting a bit late I am coming to the conclusion that most of the prospective TDC councillors have absolutely no idea what they aim to do.   

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  1. Will Scoble not only wrote he telephoned me. But then so did Roger Gale.


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