Sunday, 14 June 2015

A ramble about sketching pens, Canterbury and stuff with a few pictures

A pen sketch of Canterbury Cathedral, this is A4, very rough and done in about 20 mins from the seat by the entrance, by the bins, which is sheltered and as it was drizzling a bit about the only place you can sketch the cathedral from while sitting down, in the cathedral grounds when it's raining.   
If you take a photo looking up the tower it gets thinner towards the top, which looks a bit naff to me.
The start of a sketch from Canteen in Canterbury I've done this veiw before see

More careful this one, about an hour so far and I may go back and finish it off.

Art wise at the moment, I am concentrating on sketching likenesses of people, small, quick and in pen.

  I have tried a variety of pens and have just discovered the "uni pin FINE LINE" which I am now using and I used in the sketches above.

 Next a few Canterbury photos, these will expand if clicked on compulsively

 I was rather taken with these based on album covers


  1. LOL and that is laughing out loud but with lots of love. Perspective is naff but some things out of perspective now that is up for debate, is it artistic license or is it wrong?? then we get is it art and what is art. Your one innocent little sketch has fried my brain and I now need a lay down.
    Have a good day.

  2. Glad it made your wosisname revolve a bit Don, I guess the answer to most aesthetic problems is. It’s a funny old world.


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