Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Lunch at The Arch, a bit of a sketch of Ramsgate Harbour, some thoughts about our new TDC administration, with a side dish of Pleasurama

Well here is the sketch, not finished as time ran out

A photo for the art critics out there

A picture of my lunch, for anyone considering going to The Arch, it tasted as good as it looks.

I have to say I am becoming increasingly worried that our new UKIP administration have their eye on the ball, I sent one of my regular - what the hell is going on with Pleasurama - emails to the council today at around 2pm.

The email was copied to the ico and a senor council officer all three the councils senior officer, the ico and the council's customer services have all responded acknowledging receipt of the email and saying wot and wen they will do about it.

I also copied it to the council leader and all of the cabinet members, well it's after five now and nothing from any of them.     


  1. Michael

    Maybe they're too busy wondering how to get out of the hole they've dug for themselves over the Manston Airport/Stone Hill Park CPO?

  2. Michael, I had a similar experience, but no response from any of the new council officials, including their leader. I eventually emailed Michael Stannard from Cardy Construction and got an email back within a couple of hours, saying they would start to work on it in autumn and that they had 3 1/2 to complete it. He also said that he was determined to achieve that but he couldn't tell me details about any legal aspects of linking practical completion with getting the site leases back in case of a default. He kindly referred me to Edwina Crowley and she too got back to me within a day, saying that there had been a meditation process and that the sale contract had been signed and that an option agreement was in the working to be completed in a couple of months. She also pointed out that I could not read any of the documents since there were confidentiality clauses and legal restrictions but that "there are provisions for the event of a default and one of those events includes the Councils right to exercise an option agreement should the milestones dates mentioned above not be met." Well, the dates she is referring to is 24 months and 42 months. The 24 months count from when the sale contract was exchanged, I assume this was back in March, and they are for the first part of the build and the 42 months count, I understood from September, when the option agreement is completed, which brings us to April 2019 for completing the whole project. Essentially the sale contract permits Cardys to build the scheme that has planning permission ie 60 bedroom hotel, 107 Residential units, 7 retail units, health and fitness centre and childrens play area within the scheme. Apparently TDC has also the right for regular inspections. I did recommend to Edwina Crowley to hold a public meeting in Ramsgate as soon as possible to inform the public of all of this.

  3. When the travellers came to Dreamland recently I emailed the Council asking what was being done. Got the customer service email. The actual reply, received the next day, was just the text of my original email. Nothing written above or below it.. Didn't get a promised email from the Ward Councillor either.


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