Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More postcards of old Ramsgate.

I have published another one of my web pages with a lot of old pictures of Ramsgate
Click here to see them

his one is interesting as it shows the final stages of the demolition of Ramsgate pier.

In this one you can see the temporary rail track for the construction of the Marina pool


  1. Fantastic Michael, especially the new page. Thanks

  2. Thank you the new page is wonderful. Look forward to more of Westcliff!

  3. It is as they say a pleasure, you have to appreciate that the great majority of the pictures I publish people either send me or let me scan in the shop and it is to these kind people many of whom wish to remain anonymous that the real thanks should go

  4. hi Michael

    When/how/why did the bathing pool get destroyed, and are there any pictures detailing it anywhere?

    Great set of photos

  5. I remenber diving off the high platform of the tower and spending many hours in the sun trap,oh happy days.

  6. I was away from Ramsgate when the marina pool closed, my understanding of what happened comes from talking to those who were councillors at the time so may be clouded with self justification.

    Apparently the pool was damaged by a mine in WW2 the town council struggled along patching it up every year until it became too expensive to maintain.

    This is a bit at odds with the newspaper reporting of the 1953 tidal surge storm, which said that although the pool was completely overwhelmed by the storm once the changing rooms etc. had been emptied of water and dried out, the pool and its associated buildings were examined and all was found to be sound and in good condition.

    However the big question that I can’t get an answer to is, why isn’t the new swimming pool going to be built on the marina pool site where it would help to regenerate tourism?

  7. What a great set of pictures,it looks a wonderful fun filled place with clean streets and well kept gardens,the harbour looked busy and the beach filled with holiday-makers.
    One question comes to mind,where is this great place and can i get there easily from here in Ramsgate?

  8. i can remember a big wave hitting the pool wich took out the niros night club about 1976 as with margate pier too when i looked over the wall my chin was leval with the water i could see the beer bottles floating in the pool

  9. Excellent photos!! Just one thing which puzzles me is the coloured postcard of the swimming pool. In the sky appears to be a man suspended with some kind of metal spike up his arse, or maybe a rocket pack?? It even looks like the person below on the diving board is looking up and scratching their head, lol.


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