Sunday, 17 February 2008

Vanishing blogs

The shenanigans of the Thanet blogs over the last few days brings to mind a joke I first heard from Nicholas Mosley son of the well known fascist I will try and re-tell it here from memory.

It seems that the pope and cardinal Virtuous were playing golf and the pope missed, and said. “S..t missed.”

Well cardinal Virtuous said to the pope. “Your holiness, you really shouldn’t say that.”
Well the same thing happened at the next few holes and cardinal Virtuous’s virtuosity and better golf were really putting the pope off his stroke.

Eventually after a particularly heartfelt, “s..t missed,” from the pope, cardinal Virtuous’s comments were particularly irritating.
Suddenly the heavens opened and there was a huge flash of lightening, cardinal Virtuous vanished leaving the customary smoking boots, then a huge voice from above boomed “S..T MISSED.”

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