Friday, 22 February 2008

Turner Contemporary

The approved plans are now available on the Thanet planning site the application number is 07/1600 if you copy the number and click here to go to the site and put the number in the application number search box you can view them if you have the right pdf software.

I have tried to work out (using a ruler on the computer screen so I may be mistaken, correct me if I’m wrong please) what we the tax payers are going to get for our money approximately £40,000,000 plus approximately £2,000,000 per year running costs, once again I may have this wrong.

In terms of actual gallery space appears to contain four gallery rooms about 20 feet by 60 feet this appears to mean that there won’t be any more gallery space than in the Marks and Spencer building in the High Street. You could say this is about over £8,000 per square foot, but to be fair there is a fair amount of other space devoted to lecture hall shop etc.

These buildings between the cliff and the sea are very demanding in terms of architecture and feats of civil engineering, we have two in planning progress at the moment The Turner Contemporary and Pleasurama so here are a few comparisons.

Overall the Turner Contemporary runs for 77 metres along the coastline this compares with 250 meters for the Pleasurama Building.

The biggest risk to these building is wave overtopping in a storm at high tide, the predicted extreme high tide at Margate is 4.78m above ordnance datum the site is 5.5 meters above datum so it will stand on a concrete base 2 meters high and be set back more than 17 meters from the sea edge of the concrete base. So it’s 2.75 meters above and 17 meters behind to be safe in a storm.

The predicted extreme high tide for Ramsgate is 5.5 meters above datum the Pleasurama building base 6.05 meters above datum, no concrete plinth oh well at least there will not be much modern art inside.


  1. Turner Contemporary will be the biggest gallery space in the area, by a long way. It's really rather good as provincial galleries go.

    I consider how well Gallery IOTA and Cratespace are able to show great work in relatively small spaces, and how much more space Turner Contemporary will have to show work. I've been to fantastic exhibitions around the country in far, far smaller spaces

    Besides, it's already been confirmed that there will be works by Turner present all year round, and a selection of temporary modern and classic exhibitions.

    The upcoming 'nature is a workshop' exhibition at the marks and spencer space looks really exciting, and something that other towns would love to show. I honestly think it's a great sign for what's to come in the future.

  2. Well we will not be getting a chance to debate it or hear any dissenting voices now that Dr Simon Moores has effectively clamped down any local online criticism of his Tory cronies and their policies.


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