Thursday, 21 October 2010

Midweek ramble

First the previous post, Gerald has done a draft transcription of the document that I used in two of the illustrations the rest of the pictures of the document are at these are the ones that are not available by enlarging the pictures in the blog post.

Very much the sharp end of local history this and is the way to view our local history without historians getting between you and it. Gerald did some more of this relating to some documents on the Rising Sun public house in Ramsgate, see and for his full transcription see

You may also be interested in the text of one of the books that I publish see this is not recommended for those who have trouble following what the local blogs are saying.

I have to admit to being a bit lax over taking photographs recently here are the latest ones on my camera card some Ramsgate ones.

As you can see work on the roof of the Granville is progressing.

The Pleasurama site remains deserted, messages from the council about the problems relating to the cliff are difficult to comprehend, it is as though the council are reluctant to deal with this issue.

The fundamental problem here is that the cliff is about as safe as most of the other Thanet cliffs, safe to walk under but not safe to stay under for any prolonged length of time.

Work is progressing on The Marina Restaurant, once again this involves problems related to building in front of the cliff face, I am not entirely certain that the people doing the work fully understand the problems involved here.

The cracks in the road surface above Augusta Stairs seem to be getting worse, which suggests that there may also be a problem with the cliff there.

The windfarm drilling rig is back in the harbour after the completion of this part of the project. As this is the largest offshore windfarm built so far I presume that to some extent it must be viewed as a prototype and I wonder how it will be viewed in a few years time.

All of the scaffolding has come off the Pavillion’s roof, so one can assume that battleship grey and magnolia is what we are going to get.

I went to Birchington and Westgate today as you can see from the rest of the pictures.

Much of the architecture in these places is very distinctive and defines their identity, yet Westgate only has eleven listed buildings including the churches.

Birchington is about the same if you discount the Quex estate.


  1. I'm surprised you stood at the top of the cliff taking photos. ;-)

  2. Michael,
    I am glad you posted some pictures, as i always look forward to seeing your "Planet Thanet" pictures when we are stuck in London.


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