Friday, 1 October 2010

Pinch and a Punch it’s the First if the Month

My monthly review of the local blog popularity, click on the link for the statistics anyone having trouble understanding them can post a comment and I will do my best to explain whatever they don’t understand.

I have no intention being anything other than Mr Boring here so recommend that you don’t read on.

The statistics above are acquired by pasting a code into the homepage of the blog this works rather like the site I wrote to pick up comments on other blogs and is independent of blogger.

Blogger have just started producing their own statistics, once again password protected so I have to copy them for anyone interested see

As you see the figures are different and I have no idea why, computers and the internet are like this.

According to Wikio this the 742nd most popular blog in the whole world you can go to and check out any blog you wish to, just paste the blog’s web adders into the search box e.g. I am afraid to say though that I just don’t believe this information.

Where the internet is concerned any ridiculously over blown compliment I view with the deepest suspicion and now spam, out of hand comments that just say things like, fantastic blog.

In the secondhand book world the number of charlatan, swindlers, scammers whatever you like to call them is defeating the world of online bookselling. Back in the halcyon days of 1998 when I first stared buying secondhand books online, the proportion of unsatisfactory transactions was in the order of 2% now it is a serious problem.

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