Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Great Wall of Ramsgate New Pictures and Graffiti Artists at Work.

A fourth lot of new pictures have gone up on the great wall of Ramsgate.

Here is the link to the pictures of them

Here is the link to the first lot that went up

And here is the link to the second lot

Here is the link to the third lot

The work in progress was exactly what modern art should be, it obviously required considerable skill, I was uncertain if it was supposed to be happening or not, I said nothing to the artists and they said nothing to me, I was taking the pictures and they were painting one.

I am afraid to say that the elitist, highly subsidised lot who have put on various exhibitions under the umbrella of The Turner Contemporary recently have a great deal to learn from the whole great wall concept.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Turner would have recognised what is going on here as art, would like everyone else, stopped to watch it happening and gained something from the experience.

The silly walk and some of the other stuff that I have seen in Margate recently I genuinely don’t think he would have recognised as art, this may beg the unanswerable question, what is art?

Perhaps we should approach this in the tradition of the mother of all sciences and ask the question what isn’t art?


  1. The artists at work obviously have a committment to art and maybe it should be termed "insitu art" to distinguish it from the mindless vandalism associated with the word "graffiti"

    Lets hope this new addition does not attract the mindless vandalism.

    The Great Wall of Ramsgate has been a resounding success so far and the "official art" on the north of the island could learn much from it, especially as TDC voted to spend £100,000 for a Margate tidy up in preparation for the opening of TC.

  2. Thankyou Michael. I always try take a look when in Ramsgate. Its good to see something really working, as to whether or not the large painting constitutes art....I'm inclined to agree with Readit.

  3. Am wondering if the David Redfearn is from Clarke & Redfearn circa 1970s turnpike lane,if not sorry to have bothered you if


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